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Funny : Laugh English Lesson (so funny)

Laugh! Laugh!!=======
English Lesson!

Teacher: today we'll talk about question taqs.
1. She is coming, isn't she?
2. They have eaten, haven't they?
Teacher: who can give me another example?
Abu: Sir!, Na Yam we go chop 2day, chopn't we?
 Teacher: what kind of sentence is that, pls who can help correct him?
Akpos: Sir, Na Yam we go chop 2day, yamn't we?

Teacher: U guys must be stupid, must you joke with everything....
oya Emmanuella as we've already known u're brilliant give us an example.
Emmanuella: na motor go kill our teacher, killn't it?
Teacher: Na motor go kill ur father, stupid girl.
Don’t laugh kill yourself oo, laugh'nt you?

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