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Biafra :Urhobo Indigenes Hold IPOB Meeting In Support of Kanu

The URHOBO indigenes yesterday held a crucial meeting in support of IPOB struggle for independence of Biafra from Nigeria.
URHOBO which is among the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria has seen reasons why she will not seat on the fence anymore but to take a standing with her eastern brothers led by Nnamdi Kanu.
Speaking to press men after the meeting which was attended by URHOBO major community leaders, the leader of EWHU-URIE said they are fed up with Nigeria.
URHOBO is comprised of nine communities all represented.
The leaders of UDU, Ugheli South and Olomu where present.
One of the leader spoke of his disappointment at handling of affairs at the federal government whose leaders have not fulfilled any of their political campaign promises but have even become dictators in a democratic government. 
They therefore encouraged all Igbos not to give up on the struggle as God is in support of the struggle for independent of Biafra.
They however warned the northerners to be careful on the threat they gave to southerners as it will come to bite them back,as they should not forget the key role the URHOBO land had played in the economic growth of their businesses and that the URHOBOs have never lost any battle they engaged in . So they should handle issues with maturely.

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