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If you want to have a more successful and complete life, please read until the end.

  1. Effective learning.
    1. This is the most crucial meta skill you should know: Learn how to learn.
    2. In the age of rapid advancement, the ones who take up new skills the most efficiently win. In fact, many of the things that you learn now will be obsolete in 5 years.
    3. Everyone’s different. Find ways which work the best for you. Even though it takes time, everyone can master this skill.
  2. Time management.
    1. We are living in abundance - abundant information, abundant opportunity, abundant food, abundant network, abundant everything.
    2. The abundance exceeds the amount which you can consume or make use of, hence making management extremely important today.
    3. Whatever you’re doing, make time your friend, not enemy.
    4. Explore productivity tools.
    5. More importantly, build up your focusing skill. A focused man can move mountains.
  3. Money management.
    1. Spend less than you earn.
    2. Understand how money works. Position yourself so that money flows towards you, not away from you.
    3. Avoid bad debt. Learn to control your spending impulses. It’s gonna save you a world of problems.
  4. Communication (Both real-world & digital).
    1. Today, it’s no longer only about face-to-face social skills. (Of course, they’re equally important)
    2. Today, communication is also about spreading your ideas, words and vibes through digital avenues. The landscape of communication is evolving.
    3. Digital speaking: If you want to talk to a hundred thousand people in 20 countries at the same time, learn how to talk in front of a video. (I’m working on that).
    4. Enhance your writing skills. The Internet will amplify your reach.
    5. Most importantly, understand that you communicate to provide value to the world, not to feed your ego.
  5. Last but not least…(THIS IS A HUGE ONE): Happiness.
    1. Yes, happiness is a skill. Most people today overlook it. Don’t.
    2. A person can be sitting in his Ferrari and be stressed over a little scratch on his car body. On the other hand, another person can be driving a 10 year old Toyota and feeling happy because…well, he doesn’t need any reason. He simply is happy.
    3. Don’t worry, you can still pursue career success and even materials. No one will (and should) stop you. But deeply understand that those are the merely the creamy icing on the cake - not the cake itself.
    4. No matter how much the external world changes, we are always human beings, not machines. Make happiness your priority.
Together we improve. Cheers. ;)

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