I do discuss sex issues a lot with my female friends and those that do seek advice from me online through my page and that's because they trust me.
See I have this friend, all of a sudden she just develop hatred for guys that I can feel it through the way she interact with me. Someone that is nice and jovial before now becoming aggressive and harsh towards guys including me her friend. I knew something must be wrong somewhere.
We were talking like that one day and I use the opportunity to enter her slowly. Lo and behold, she opened up that her boyfriend of 3years broke up with her and the most annoying part was that he was not remorseful after reminding him of all the sex they had together. He doesn't even care. I calm her down and pet her. Now she made mention of one thing which is the point I grab. She said Telemu, I can't believe he will dump me like that after many sex with him and he is the type that will bang someone anyhow he wants. Then I know it is time to discuss about sex with her but I must be mindful of my words too so as not to spoil everything.
Like you know that women generally love sweet words, I started with that to make her feel comfortable with me. After that, I said I cant blame you for having sex with him because the deed has already been done. You had the sex with him just because you love and trust him and you don't want to lose him. She said that's why I like you among my male friends, you understand ladies so much and why they do some things. With that her statement, I know I have entered her already and it is time to fire.
My first question was how many times did you have sex with him ? She cant remember which means it is many.
Then my next question was where did the first sex happened ? She said his house. I knew we are getting somewhere.
Then my third and the most important question was did you collect money after the act ? She said yes but it was just transport money. Then I asked how much, she said #1000. Then I said from your place to his place is just #50 and to and fro will be #100 like that but the guy gave you #1000. She said he told her to use the money for Tfare ni. Then I told her the truth that the guy didn't give you Tfare but rather the money for the work you did. She was surprised.
My questions didn't end there. I asked again that did he normally give you money after each sex and do you normally collect it ? She said yes to both. Then I said you are a prostitute to him and he can never appreciate or respect you. She said no, he do respect me a lot. Then I said that's because he is still enjoying your honey pot then. Didn't he leave when he is done ?
Do you now see the reason why he is not remorseful or care about you when you remind him of the sex you both do have. He sees you as a prostitute he do pay every time after the sex, so why should he care after paying for your service ? Then her eyes were opened after we discuss at length.
A lot of ladies are guilty of this act too. I know no matter what, pre-marital sex cant be erased totally. But have you wonder why some people will engage in pre-marital sex but still end up marrying each other with their love still strong and why some will engage in the same act but will cut short the life span of their love. A lot of reasons are responsible for this and part of it is what you do as a lady before and after the sex and the condition that surrounds the sex.
Are you the type that demand for something from your guy either money or gift before the sex or you are the type that accept the money he do give you after the sex. If you are doing any of these, the guy will see you as a prostitute and dump you when he is through with you.
Even if at all you gonna collect any money from him, don't let it be immediately after the sex or that same day or even a week after the sex. If he offers the money, smile and tell him do you think I did this because of money. Even he says it's for your transport, let him know you come with your Tfare. Tell him you did it because you love him and you miss him too. No guy will hear that and still see you as a prostitute or plans to dump you, his conscience will never let him rest.
I don't know if I'm talking to someone here.
Now you know how to handle a situation like this and if you've already started it, their is still time for you to change and also change his mentality about you.
I still have a lot of things to talk about on this kind of sex but let me stop here but I will definitely continue next time.
Even though the best is to avoid pre-marital sex but if you are the type that cant abstain for long as a lady, stop using the act as a financial gain if you still want  your man to respect and adore you.

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