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We started doing everything together. We were termed as the best couple in our set. To my own surprise,I was loving the whole thing.

Lawrence on his part,became a very sweet guy;will walk me back to the hostel after school or preps. Life was beautiful. What more can I ask for?

One day during night prep,Lawrence came to my class and called me out. I was used to that but that day,he looked very uncomfortable. 

I went outside with him but he didn’t stop,he walked down the hall into the dark staircase leading up to the waec hall. It was out of bound for all students but the senior students normally went there at night to do one or two stuffs.

He stopped and faced me. I was worried. He had never brought me there. What was that look on his face? He looked different.

Me: What is the problem?

It was like my question opened the tap to his tears. Tears ran down his face and I was forced to hug him so tight.

Me: Law please,what is wrong with you?

Lawrence: I love you. Rose I love you.

Me: I know and I love you too. I really do have love for you.

Lawrence: Then be my girlfriend please.

I was beginning to fall in love again. Ebuka has left my life for good and the earlier I accept that,the better for me.

Me: Law

Law: Baby

Me: Wait for ss3. I promise. You know this is third term already.

Law; I’ll wait. I’ll wait for you baby.

He hugged me so tight and I took in his masculine body. He was just too Sekxy and he knew it. The hug came to a halt immediately it had started

Me: Is that why you’re acting like this?  

Lawrence smiled. He took my hands and rubbed them romantically.

Lawrence: You’re driving me crazy Rose.

He came closer and pecked my forehead. 

He placed his hand behind my neck and drew me into his warm body.

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