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Taylor Swift Confirms Next Album Is Called ‘Reputation


The singer 🎤 announced 🔊 today that she would be dropping her next album 📀, Reputation, on Nov. 10.

It all started when Taylor's social media 🐦 accounts and website 💻 went dark on Aug. 18, which just happens to be the 3-year anniversary of "Shake It Off," as well as the date 📅 she announced her album 1989.

It's also consistent with the snake 🐍 videos she's been posting, since many critics 😱 called her just that after all of the drama with Calvin Harris, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West; it's clear that Tay is reclaiming 💪🏻 the narrative surrounding her!

Taylor has been quiet 😶 over the past few months, apart from her high-profile 😱 groping trial, which began after the popstar accused David of "sticking his hand under [her] skirt and grabbing [her] ass" at a meet and greet in 2013.

A jury found DJ David Mueller guilty of "assaulting and battering" Taylor in an Aug. 14 verdict, and it was a huge victory for the singer 🎤, who had countersued him for a symbolic $1.

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