1. Kenya's Supreme Court declares election null and void
  2. Said electoral commission did not act in accordance with the law
  3. New election to be held within 60 days
  4. Two of six judges disagreed with majority verdict
  5. Massive celebrations by opposition supporters in Nairobi and Kisumu
  6. President Kenyatta 'respects' the ruling but 'disagrees' with it
President Uhuru Kenyatta has just reiterated his call for peace by tweeting:
Amani means peace in Swahili.
He repeated the word amani at least six times in his speech in the last hour.
He said earler that he did not agree with the decision to annul the election in which he had been declared the winner, but that he would respect it. 
The Kenyan Supreme Court ruling to annul the presidential election was made earlier by a majority vote.
But not all judges agreed - two of the six dissented.
We are taking a moment to look at exactly why they thought the election should not be annulled.
Lady Justice Njoki Ndung'u said: 
The exercise was hailed by regional and international observers as largely free, fair, credible and peaceful... Challenges are to be expected during the conduct of any election. However those challenges that occurred in this instance… in my opinion none occurred deliberately."
Justice Jackton Ojwang said:
It is clear to me, beyond d peradventure, that there is not an iota of merit in invalidating the clear expression of the Kenyan people's democratic will."
In the end, the majority decision was that the election was not conducted in line with the constitution and the results were declared null and void.
Chief Justice David Maraga said the full reasoning will be explained at a later date but in the meantime said:
We will, I believe, be able to demonstrate why we reached our conclusion - that taking the totality of the entire exercise we were satisfied that the election was not conducted accordance with the dictates of the constitution." 

Supporters of Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta have come out to support him in his home town Gatundo, north-east of the capital, Nairobi.
The election commission announced that Mr Kenyatta won last month's presidential election but that result has been annulled by the Supreme Court this morning.
One resident told the BBC's Peter Njoroge:
"The town is calm but with a sad mood".
They added that they came out in large numbers to support the president.

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