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A man declared wanted for allegedly raping wife’s sales girl

Father of six declared wanted for allegedly raping wife’s sales girl
A suspect, Tope Adeniyi has been declared wanted by Ekiti State police command for alleged rape of his wife’s sales girl, a 17 years old girl (name withheld), in Ijero-Ekiti.
Public Relations Officer of Ekiti State Police Command, Alberto Adeyemi confirmed this development to our correspondent in Ado-Ekiti.
According to police report, the victim after spending few years as an apprentice under wife of the suspect decided to stay and continue to assist her in the shop as a sales girl.  
Wife of the suspect operates a medicine store in the community.
Tope, a father of six children took to his heel and went into hiding after learning that men of the police are after him for the alleged offence he committed.
The suspect was said to have cajoled his wife’s sales girl into his room located at Agbangudu in Ijero-Ekiti on the 20th of November 2017 with the pretence of requesting her to serve him sachet water, popularly called ‘Pure Water.
Tope who was anxiously waiting like a hungry lion ready to devour her prey Immediately grabbed the victim after serving him the water. Before she knew what was happening he had successfully entered into her.
Sources said the suspect, Tope doesn’t have any tangible work doing, he lives in an apartment very close to his wife’s shop. He was said to have gotten six children from three different women.
It was gathered that when the incident happened, the wife of the suspect currently living with him was away in Lagos. She is said to be currently heavily pregnant.
The victim who narrated her ordeal said: “It was a Monday afternoon, I was in the shop when he (Tope) called me to bring in ‘Pure Water’ to his room. He has been alone throughout the weekend. I never knew he had such plan in mind.
“After given him the sachet water I was about moving out when he (Tope) suddenly grabbed me, I tried to resist but he was more powerful than I do. He pushed me to the bed and took a pillow to cover my mouth. I tried to shout so that other tenants around could come to my aid but nobody hear said the victim forcefully had his way and ended up defiling her. She observed blood stains all over her panties. 

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