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Seven (7) things you must know when getting older

1. The world doesn’t care…unless you make it. You might think you are really special, but others think exactly the same about themselves. Unless you prove otherwise, the world has heard your story before. If you want attention, earn it, or else, you are just part of everyone else’s background.
You need to take of your body.

2. Your body has an expiration date. Your shield of youth is no longer impervious to the wear-and-tear of aging.

3. You need to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. Think about any form of art or literature you enjoy: books, movies, music, anything. What makes it interesting? There is some sort of conflict. Otherwise, it is boring.

4. The story of your life needs some tension too. In order to grow, you must challenge yourself.
You lose your innocence.

5. I am no longer as innocent as I was when I was younger. I have been hurt and disappointed. Wisdom comes at the price of innocence.

6. Try not to have expectations of others. Things generally aren’t simply black-and-white. A person isn’t completely good or bad. Everyone is different. If you hold everyone to your ideals, you will inevitably be disappointed.

7. Cherish every moment. You may never, ever get to repeat an experience again. Enjoy it. Aside from doing something really stupid, you will regret what you could-have, should-have, and would-have done, more than what you actually did. Don’t have that kind of regret.

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